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What the clients say about Visual WWW?

Visual WWW Clients Visual WWW values and respects their clients. Client software systems and services satisfaction is one of the main business keys for Visual WWW. The support provided to our clients does not end upon completion of a project. We pride ourselves on long-term relationships with our clients
to help ensure their success. Visual WWW has provided database Windows and Internet web application development and services for a number of consulting firms and clients:
Computer People
ACS Technology Solutions
TMP Worldwide
Oregon Department of Transportation
Oregon Department of Education
Portland General Electric
Portland International Airport
Integra Telecom
Kettle Foods
Doncasters Medical Technologies
Medford School District
Business To Business Advertising
Electronic Wood Systems
Northwest Power and Conservation Council
Kroger - Fred Meyer
Oregon Gree Free
Voter Power
Sandvik Medical Solutions

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Portland General Electric

"Ernest and I have collaborated on a number of projects over the years. One of our biggest success stories is the PGE Employee Information System, a Client/Server VB / DB2 window application with a notebook with tabs interface. Managers used this application to record merit increases, promotions and pay raises for employees. The system was a well-received management tool and considered easy to use and maintain. We have written a number of articles for Inside Microsoft Visual Basic (Element K Journals) documenting our experiences in designing various database business applications"

Chris Bond
Senior User Interface Consultant
Portland General Electric

Medford School District 549C

"Ernest is the ideal consultant. Very dependable and willing to go beyond the normal job duty. He quickly understands what you want to accomplish and then takes you through the steps to accomplish it. Ernest's most recent project with us consisted of integrating our Secondary Teacher's Grade Book database (SQL Server 2000) and our Student database (legacy HP3000) to be accessible online by teachers. The application was developed in ASP.NET / SQL Server 2000 Microsoft technology. Without his help I would have been spinning my wheels for months. He quickly was able to steer us in the right direction and we completed the job ahead of schedule"

Dave Vorgang
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Information Technology Department
Medford School District 549C

Doncasters Medical Technologies

"Ernest has been a Visual Basic consultant for DONCASTERS Medical Technologies (formerly PED Manufacturing Ltd) from 2000 to present. Ernest's primary project for our company has been to convert our custom barcode application running on Intermec readers and written in IRL and C programming to a Client/Server Visual Basic windows application. The custom barcode application was originally written to deal with the shortcomings of our MRP software Visual Manufacturing's barcode application. We have a specific need to track detail information regarding scrap transactions. Visual Manufacturings 'canned' barcode application could not achieve this. Also, Visuals barcode readers were dependant on having a connection to the server. This had negative effects on our employees working on the floor. Essentially all work would halt if there was either a network or a database failure. This cost in lost productivity alone was reason to create our own barcode application.

The project is large in scale and has been developed continuously by Ernest for the past 3 years. The primary goals of the conversion were 1. Each barcode reader had to be able to operate independently: If the network connection to the SqlServer went down the reader would begin to store transactions and keep polling the server checking to re-establish a connection. 2. A centralized integrated application: We wanted to integrate all reports and utilities that serviced the barcode data into one centralized application. 3. Ability to customize evolving business rules: The original barcode program was created in a language that was hard to contract programmers to service. By upgrading the application to Visual Basic and N-tiers design we are now able to modify source code to implement our business rules.

Ernest has been an asset to our organization. He brings great enthusiasm, professionalism and a skill set in Visual Basic that provides us with all its latest technologies"

Joseph Oreste
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Certified Oracle Database Administrator
Doncasters Medical Technologies

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"Over the years, I have participated and paid for a number of training courses. A typical class would run between four and ten consecutive days, during which all participants would strictly follow a predefined workbook or application template. At the conclusion of the class, everyone would have their identical version of the application working. This carefully controlled environment is well suited for introducing large groups of people to basic concepts. In fact, the working application is often used as a model for business relevant development. The newly acquired skills combined with this model almost always enable one to create a working application.

The initial success of these new applications serves to both cement programming practices and bolster the confidence of the programmer. Unfortunately, rarely are such applications scalable from a geographic or user base perspective. In other words, the application does not break until more users or users from other locations need to access it. Since scalability issues are related to the underlying framework, fixing them usually requires a partial or complete re-write.

Another serious issue seldom addressed in training is supportability. An application’s original programmer(s) may not be available by the time it needs alterations or improvements. Even the same programmer can have difficulty deciphering sections of his own code that were written in the past. As a result, instead of updating applications, they are commonly re-written.

Ernest approaches training from a unique perspective. Rather than focusing on small tightly controlled ‘toy’ projects, he puts the extra effort into providing a stable framework and then helps people develop their own business capable applications. Ernest’s practical experience as an active developer enables him to provide both conceptual help backed by actual code. This methodology requires a higher initial investment in time, but pays enormous dividends in application speed, stability, scalability, and supportability.

By focusing on the methodology as much as the code itself, Ernest helps create code that is done right the first time. Code built using Ernest’s techniques will work as well for 10 people as 10,000. It is easily maintained and modified. Finally, it will be fast because the code is streamlined by design.

Not only can his code be used as a template, it should be. The benefits of writing supportable code have already paid for the cost of Ernest’s training several times over. Having participated in many training classes, I firmly believe using any other trainer is equivalent to throwing money away.

Put simply, there is no better trainer than Ernest"

Bob Markee
Senior Application Developer

Note: The above text represents my strong personal conviction as a developer, but should not be considered as an endorsement by HP.


"On behalf of Randy, Leslie and myself, I want to thank you for all of the hard work that you put in to the Warn Industries Phase 1-4 project. Your skills and devotion to making the highest quality software product have resulted in an excellent application indeed.
The future kooks bright for Netropole over the next year, and we very much value our business relationship and your willingness to share resources with us. I will be keeping you in mind as a resource as project present themselves,

Thanks for all of your hard work"

David Johnson
Founder and Owner

COMSYS Information Technology Services

"Dr. Bonat was hired in Computer People as Senior Engineer in August 1996 to March 1998 to provide Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) consulting services at our customer sites.

The project that he worked on at Portland General Electric (PGE) was to build a human resource windows application named Employee Information System using VB 4.0 and IBM Mainframe database, and Underground Cable Fault System using VB 4.0 and Access 97.

My experience working with Dr. Bonat has been a good experience because he is hard working, dedicated to the work, very good team player, and expert in his computer skills. Dr. Bonat always helps and teaches other developers and clients when they are having problems. He has provided VB classes and seminars for client-employees.

In addition, Dr. Bonat has co-authored at least 12 publications for Inside Visual Basic magazine. Microsoft Corporation was impressed enough with the articles to publish them on their online publication web site. As Dr. Bonat continues his research to optimize the use of the VB application development tool set he will continue to share his experience with the public.

I would consider Dr. Bonat an expert in the field and have enjoyed our working relationship. I would always consider using his consulting expertise when I have the opportunities and would recommend him to others.

Please call me if you have any questions"

Alison Beck
Manager Director
COMSYS Information Technology Services

Portland General Electric

"I explained to Ernest the input and desired result and he developed an extremely user-friendly system that will serve the needs of PGE engineers and employees who work in the field. Ernest has the ability to work with people with all levels of computer skills. My strong suit is not computers, but I was able to dialog with Ernest about PGE’s needs and he was able to explain to me the different options he could provide. I would highly recommend Ernest to do similar work to meet any computer system needs


Stone Rose
Special Tester
Portland General Electric

Kettle Foods

"I would like to start by saying that Ernest’s time here was 100% successful. His ability to work independently, with minimal guidance outside of the business rules explanation was exactly what we needed. To add to this, he was extremely accommodating to us in regards to the limited scope of the initial development project as well as the growth of the scope and the constantly changing database and business rules requirements as the project progressed. His flexibility and positive attitude were both refreshing and well received.

The application works to specification and our end users are quite satisfied with the functionality that has been delivered. Ernest’s ability to think and rethink the needed functionality directly contributed to the satisfaction of the end users and myself as the manager of this project.

If you have questions about Ernest’s time with us, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Steven Surbaugh
Information Architect
Kettle Foods

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Dr. Ernest Bonat, Ph.D. will start teaching a new course for Windows Applications Developers “Database Windows Applications Development Using MySQL and VB.NET”. This course starts on Feb/23/2009 and it’ll be hosting by Portland Community College (PCC), Southeast Center in Portland. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills need to develop real production database Windows applications using the MySQL 5.0 Open Source server and Microsoft VB.NET 2008 Express Edition. To learn more about this course look at the brochure sheet and register as soon as possible. If you have any questions feel free to contact Dr. Bonat at any time you need.

Please, if you are interested in Open Source technology LAMP, you can’t just miss this course!


Dr. Ernest Bonat, Ph.D. participated at Portland's PHP User Group with presentation topic "Executing MySQL Stored Procedures in PHP Web Applications". Download here the entire presentation including slides, PHP source code and MySQL stored procedure scripts. Feel free to contact Dr. Ernest Bonat, Ph.D. for any questions regarding this presentation.


COMSYS hired Visual WWW to upgrade and develop various Internet web applications for Kettle Foods (Salem Manufactory) using classic ASP 3.0 / VBScript / JavaScript / SQL Server 2005.

Sandvik Medical Solutions contracted Visual WWW to upgrade their Barcode Labor System 2.0 for Visual Manufacturing system. The main upgrades include On-Off Hold Work Orders, Production Machine ID barcode implementation and much more. The Barcode Labor System was developed using VB 6.0 / ActiveReports 2.0 / Toad for Oracle 9.0 / Oracle 9i / SQL Server 2000.

Visual WWW was hired by Voter Power to develop and host their website. Voter Power's website is pure Open Source Technology LAMP, JavaScript and Joomla as a Content Management System (CMS).


Stored Scheduling Department from Kroger - Fred Meyer (Portland Offices) hired Visual WWW to develop a "Labor Management Criteria Maintenance System" and teach his employees with the latest Windows programming technologies using Microsoft VB.NET 2005 / IBM DB2 7.1.

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