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Netropole, Inc. Netropole sponsors educational and training events for the corporate and developer community in Portland area. Feel free to attend an event, and invite colleagues who you think may find value in attending.I f you would like to present at an event, we would love to have you. Please contact Dave Johnson at Netropole 503.241.3499 and he can make the arrangements.

Topic: "Designing and Developing N-Tiers ASP.NET Internet Web Applications"
Speaker: Dr. Ernest Bonat, Ph.D.
Date: Thursday, September 11, 2003
Time: 5:30 - 7:00 pm

About the speaker:

Founder and President of Visual WWW, Inc. A 100% Microsoft consulting shop. Ernest has been developing applications since the earliest versions of VB 1.0 for DOS in 1991 and continues to develop custom Database Windows Applications with VB.NET.

As a Senior Software Engineer, Ernest’s skills cover the entire spectrum of the software development lifecycle including: analysis, business rule gathering, functional design, and database design, windows (GUI) design and coding implementation, testing and debugging, applying fixes, online help and user documentation.

Ernest has developed corporate usability and GUI guidelines for various companies and VB N-tier architecture design using DCOM for Win NT and COM+ technology for Win 2000. He is co-author of 15 VB programming articles in “Inside Microsoft Visual Basic” magazine. Three of these papers have been published online at Microsoft Corporation VB web site as examples of good development techniques for VB developers.

He is a Faculty Instructor of University of Phoenix and teach Database Design and Implementation, VB.NET, ASP.NET and much more. In 2002 Ernest was selected as .NET Trainer for Hewlett-Packard Co in Corvallis Campus . He had designed and developed four ASP.NET Web Apps for the HP-Corvallis intranet. Currently, he is working on three ASP.NET Web Apps for HP-Corvallis and two for Medford School District. On his spare time he weak up around four o'clock in morning and do VB.NET programming for fun.

The event will be held at:

TOC Management Services
6825 SW Sandburg St
Tigard, OR 97223-8009

Click here for a map.

If you have any directions questions, please call Netropole at 503.241.3499. Netropole will be providing  pizza and drinks for the event. Please feel free to invite other Developers, Trainers, IT Managers, etc. 

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Dr. Ernest Bonat, Ph.D. will start teaching a new course for Windows Applications Developers “Database Windows Applications Development Using MySQL and VB.NET”. This course starts on Feb/23/2009 and it’ll be hosting by Portland Community College (PCC), Southeast Center in Portland. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills need to develop real production database Windows applications using the MySQL 5.0 Open Source server and Microsoft VB.NET 2008 Express Edition. To learn more about this course look at the brochure sheet and register as soon as possible. If you have any questions feel free to contact Dr. Bonat at any time you need.

Please, if you are interested in Open Source technology LAMP, you can’t just miss this course!


Dr. Ernest Bonat, Ph.D. participated at Portland's PHP User Group with presentation topic "Executing MySQL Stored Procedures in PHP Web Applications". Download here the entire presentation including slides, PHP source code and MySQL stored procedure scripts. Feel free to contact Dr. Ernest Bonat, Ph.D. for any questions regarding this presentation.


COMSYS hired Visual WWW to upgrade and develop various Internet web applications for Kettle Foods (Salem Manufactory) using classic ASP 3.0 / VBScript / JavaScript / SQL Server 2005.

Sandvik Medical Solutions contracted Visual WWW to upgrade their Barcode Labor System 2.0 for Visual Manufacturing system. The main upgrades include On-Off Hold Work Orders, Production Machine ID barcode implementation and much more. The Barcode Labor System was developed using VB 6.0 / ActiveReports 2.0 / Toad for Oracle 9.0 / Oracle 9i / SQL Server 2000.

Visual WWW was hired by Voter Power to develop and host their website. Voter Power's website is pure Open Source Technology LAMP, JavaScript and Joomla as a Content Management System (CMS).


Stored Scheduling Department from Kroger - Fred Meyer (Portland Offices) hired Visual WWW to develop a "Labor Management Criteria Maintenance System" and teach his employees with the latest Windows programming technologies using Microsoft VB.NET 2005 / IBM DB2 7.1.

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