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Justin Radke, Canby Telephone Association
Luis Muñoz, CenturyTel
Aaron McEwen, Frito-Lay
Steven Allen, DigiQuest.com
Talafaalelotu Toliniu, Intel Corporation
Rick Johnson, Cascade Wholesale Hardware
Dave Starling, Startsweb.com
Elroy Allen, Intel Corporation
Randy Ellsworth, Cascade Corporation
Rod Dabney, GTECH Corporation
Bee Her, Siemens Business Services
Bryan Klein, Western Fire Center
Dan Zeller, MWH Americas
Craig Schmid, Evosus
Legia Hubler, Columbia Ultimate
Dave Donovan, Warn Industries
Steven Bennett, Intel Corporation
Jud Wendel, Husky International Electronics
Roger Volk, Affiliated Computer Services
Tim Wright, TEL Tokyo Electron
Randy Ellsworth, Monaco Coach Corporation
Fadi Adlouni, JEI Business Link
Jesus Teran, Intel Corporation
Joseph Lowe, United Parcel Service of America
Steve Lee, US Bank
Sam Miller, efishinsea.com
Larry Chalew, Preferred Pharmaceutical Services
George Greene, Integrated Device Technology
Paul Bloxham, Intel Corporation
Mark S. Nadeau, Intel Corporation
Kevin Warren, Wells Fargo Bank
Ekule Abebe, Intel Corporation
Jensina Anderson, CompuCom Systems
Clair Friskey, Intel Corporation
James Carroll, Enterprise Operations Manager
Jason Cubic, Integrated Device Technology
Randy Oldfield, Serena Software, Inc.
Reginald Liggins, Senior Systems Analyst

Canby Telephone Association   

"The DBM/405 course was very practical and hands-on. The subject matter could be very confusing but was extremely simplified by the expertise of our instructor. Ernest Bonat brings a level of energy into the classroom that creates a fun learning environment. I appreciate his sincere concern about making sure the students understand the material. He genuinely wanted people to understand everything to help them advance in their careers. His efforts truly helped me understand and implement my knowledge into real-world practical applications.I look forward to learning from Ernest again in the future!"

Justin Radke
Senior Network Administrator
Canby Telephone Association


"Ernest’s DBM/405 class was one of the few that I looked forward to going to. Ernest’s energy and enthusiasm for the subject along with his knowledge and teaching style made for a grate environment to learn in. Teaching by example, for me, is the best way to learn"

Luis Muñoz
Programmer Analyst


"Ernest, thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to give as much help as needed in DBM/405 class. At the end of these five weeks I feel that I have advanced my knowledge of database construction and use considerably. I have a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that is not always there after some classes. Keep up the good work and keep that sense of humor! I look forward to your classes in the future"

Aaron McEwen
Maintenance Mechanic ‘A’

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"While finishing my degree, I was fortunate to experience Ernest's WEB/410 class. Having thirteen years of development experience under my belt, I was able to experience a perspective of his class that many do not get to. It was refreshing to have a teacher that actually knew what he was talking about and could do so intelligently. His unique approach to teaching allowed him to draw from strengths of the students and create an atmosphere that promoted free thinking as well as teamwork. I learned a great deal from Ernest, and from his class. He is and excellent teacher and a good friend. Since the class, we have collaborated on a project or two and his methodology and business practices are top notch. His teaching ability shines bright even outside of the classroom"

Steven Allen (dybrn)
Chief Technical Officer


"Database Management Systems 405 was a great course. There were a lot to learn. The “Database Familiarization” class was taught using Microsoft Access. When we start this class, Mr. Bonat asked the class if we would like to learn MS. Access or MS. SQL. The class agreed to learn SQL. Also, the class agreed Access was not that great of a database program and it is easy to learn. Therefore the class would like a challenge and agreed to learn SQL instead.

Mr. Bonat, with his unique background most definitely shared his experience and expertise in teaching us the MS. SQL database program. Technology and Business in the present are so advance and so diversity, which minor roadblocks that we experienced were easily overcome with his patient and motivations. Class lectures and assignments were well defined which made it easy for us to learn. We definitely had our shared of practical hands on assignments which re-enforced Mr. Bonat’s lectures. What was so unique for our class is that all of us have our laptops and we just follow along with the lectures. The show and tell technique enhanced the skills and knowledge of building a SQL database. Mr. Bonat and his professional teaching skills made MS. SQL easy to learn. We were very impressed with his knowledge of the MS. SQL. He made sure that we all learned and understood each assignment in the classroom before dismissal. Last but not the least, Mr. Bonat is the first professor whom made himself available almost 24/7 when we need help, I did used that to my benefits.

This class really opens some possibilities of re-setting my goals of what to pursue as far as programming is concern. I will definitely continue practice by building my own database at home using the combination of techniques in which I learned from class. This will be the way to perfect ones skill and SQL database is it.

The whole class had a swell time with Mr. Bonat’s humors and motivations. I am looking forward of having Mr. Bonat as an instructor in the future, hopefully for Visual Basic programming"

Talafaalelotu Toliniu
Manufacturing Self Sustain Technician
Intel Corporation

Cascade Wholesale Hardware

"Dr Bonat is especially proficient with computers and carries into his DBM/405 classes an enthusiasm that is contagious. If a student is having difficulties, Dr. Bonat is more than willing to go the extra mile and meet with students before class, or even after class ensuring that the student has an understanding of the materials. He has created and provided to his students reference materials that are enlightening and detailed. Reference materials that are likely be valuable for years to come for students and employees of information technology"

Rick Johnson
Cascade Wholesale Hardware

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"Dr. Bonat brings an enthusiasm and energy to the classroom that immediately captures the students attention. His no-nonsense style of instruction was refreshing after spending 6 months learning concepts and theory.

During the Advanced Visual Basic course, Dr. Bonat provided us with the tools necessary to create real-world solutions to common programming problems. Although the coursework was demanding, Dr. Bonat made himself available to answer questions and review code even on Sunday evening. This level of dedication from an upper level college professor is almost unheard of, and especially noteworthy due to the demanding schedule he keeps with his consulting business.

I would highly recommend Dr. Bonat to prospective University of Phoenix students as well as corporate training customers. His knowledge and ability to effectively communicate Visual Basic principles sets him apart from his peers"

Dave Starling
Intel Self Sustaining Technician


“This has been my third class I've taken with Ernest, and I have to say each and every time, I've gotten a tremendous amount of knowledge from him. Ernest teaches you real world scenarios as well as theory. Often times you will run into an instructor that can only teach a particular way, but that is not the case with Ernest, he adjust his teaching style to accommodate the experience and the not so experience.

I personally love taking Ernest classes; because I can honestly I've really learned a lot about .net. I would personally recommend Ernest, as an instructor to anyone how really wants to learn how things are done in the real world, and to you Ernest I say job well done. I don't think I would have been able to do it without you. Thank you”

Elroy Allen
Manufacturing Technician
Intel Corporation

Cascade Corporation

"Occasionally, you run into an instructor who really knows his stuff and can communicate very difficult subjects with ease, this is Dr. Ernest Bonat! Ernest always had the right answer and the correct handouts. The course material didn't cover stored procedures and triggers effectively so Ernest wrote his own instructions! His teaching style is complete and includes handouts, quizzes, how to guides, presentations and sample databases! Ernest made light a very heavy subject. I truly wish to encounter Dr. Bonat in several more classes before I graduate!"

Randy Ellsworth
IT/Engineering Software Developer
Cascade Corporation

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GTECH Corporation

“Professor Bonat is very attentive to his students' needs. He is always willing to clarify and elaborate on any issues that are brought up by his students. He's excellent at explaining the material covered in each of his classes. Just as important, he adds appropriate humor to each class that lightens the mood and, I believe, puts his students at ease for a relaxing and engaging learning experience. Professor Bonat is by far one of my favorite instructors at the University of Phoenix. He was my instructor for at least two of my Technology classes and I most certainly recommend him to anybody wanting to take a class in his area of expertise”

Rod Dabney
Operations Analyst/Communications
GTECH Corporation

Siemens Business Services

“I really enjoyed being in the DBM/405 class because you are a good instructor who really has a good sense of humor and the know how to teach. You make the class so excited and interesting to learn. Your accent does not bother us at all and your repeated of questions for us to make sure, we understood of what you have taught and to make sure of no one left behind, really helped us a lot.

Your background and experienced in database is superb and we have learned a lot from you than any other instructor in database. Your response to us between minute of receiving our questionnaires and assignments shown to us that you real care. You are the first instructor that feed back to us faster than we expected (within one to three hr.) Every Saturday, you are the one who shown up first. You are a reliable and dependable instructor who are not just to teach but shown us a real life of responsibility. Your example of reading four to five technical magazines a month made you one of the best Instructors in the UOPhx.

At the end of the class all of us will advocate to the Dean of IT to recognize you as one of the instructor of the year. You are highly respected and we will definitely recommend you to other students”

Bee Her
Desktop Support
Siemens Business Services

Western Fire Center

"Classes taken from Dr. Ernest Bonat:


At UOP there seemed to be a pitfall for instructors to cater to the less capable students, plenty of hand holding to get them through the class with a passing grade. This makes fiscal sense, to keep the students moving forward. But, unfortunately, this also leaves the rest of the class unable to get the most from the course. Ernest did not fall into this trap because his abilities of effective instruction did not require it.

Ernest has a way of efficiently delivering information that is condensed and to the point. He does not overwhelm a student with useless verbal noise and filler, which leaves the listener’s brain processing data that will not help them gain critical insight into the subject matter. This method can only be mastered by an instructor who understands the subjects they are presenting so intimately, that they are then able to distill and present the essential information out of a large volume of subject information available. This is a key area where the value of Ernest's classes is evident. Less capable instructors fill class time with talk that fills the student’s mind with information that in the end will not be a tangible asset. This is usually where many students begin to get lost and confused. Since Ernest avoids this problem altogether, even the weakest minds gain valuable insight into whatever Ernest is teaching and then walk away with something useful.

His fast paced and clear style of presentation rapidly deliver critical information to all students, so that there was nothing left but understanding for those who follow along. Even in the rare case that a student was not able to keep up, Ernest was quick to offer his time at all hours to assist them in quickly gaining complete understanding.

One of Ernest's greatest strengths as an instructor is his real-world knowledge and experiences that he is able to incorporate into the subjects he is discussing. This allows the mind to wrap the concepts around good examples that can later be used to create new solutions to future problems. Ernest was always quick to give out all the source coding and examples used as demonstrations in formats that the student could use immediately.

I was fortunate to have Ernest for 4 different classes at UOP. I am honored to be able to say that not only was he one of my best instructors, but he is also a friend"

Thank you,

Bryan Klein
Technical Manager
Western Fire Center

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MWH Americas

"Dr. Bonat brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to his class. I was fortunate enough to have him as my instructor in the POS/405 Advanced Visual Basic course. His ability to connect with students and provide them with the tools to understand and apply their knowledge after completing his course makes the learning process very rewarding. Dr. Bonat does an excellent job of both explaining and providing examples that enable tostudent to grasp the sometimes complicated programming language. I would definitely recommend that any individual interested in obtaining an excellent understanding of the Microsoft Visual Basic language strongly consider attending his class"

Dan Zeller
Sr. Regional IT Service Manager
MWH Americas


"I have taken 3 classes with Ernest that tought me web page design and database management. Ernest effectively tought class concepts, plus tought us how to use the latest software used in the industry. Such as DreamWeaver and Microsoft SQL server. Ernest used very good examples to illustrate to the class how things work and why. He made learning exciting and fun"

Craig Schmid
Network Consultant

Columbia Ultimate

"I've had the pleasure of being in Dr. Bonat's class on a number of occasions. I've attended his POS/410, DBM/405 & WEB/410 classes and can honestly say that he did an excellent job of teaching. An area that Ernest excels in, is his ability to make sure each student walks away understanding exactly how to complete each assignment. He provides the necessary tools and individual help if required. In addition, his fun personality and engaging antics helps breaks up mundane lectures"

Legia Hubler
Consultant/BSA/Project Manager
Columbia Ultimate

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Warn Industries

"At the University of Phoenix, students are given the opportunity to give their feedback on every class we take. We are asked to evaluate the course material taught, as well as the Instructor’s approach to delivering that material. As I am on the verge of my completion of the program, I would like to take this opportunity to give some feedback about Dr. Bonat.

Dr. Bonat has a real world approach to teaching. He has always made it a point to make sure that the class understands the material before leaving for the night, and what is expected when returning the next week. He covers the fundamentals thoroughly; then, he puts the subject being taught in a business perspective. He gives you just enough information in class so you understand the assignment; then, he expects you to do the work, and the research, to complete the assignment.

Because of the different level of experience of his students, this requires a certain type of personality. His ability to make clear a topic that is difficult to understand is amazing. He does not leave anyone behind. I was very fortunate to have him as my Instructor for three of the classes I have taken at the University of Phoenix: Database Management, SQL for Business, and Internet Web Programming.

There are certain people that you cross paths with as you go through life. Dr. Bonat has made an impact on my life. I am a better person because of him"


Dave Donovan
Quality Specialist
Warn Industries


"This was one of the best classes; I have had in my 2 years at the University. POS/405 was extremely challenging at times, but very rewarding. I enjoyed you style of teaching and look forward to continued experience with VB.NET and ASP.NET. This is one class that I can see will benefit me in my job today. I have a couple of applications that I need to develop for work and this will be a great start. I look forward to the SQL Server class and continued learning"

Steven Bennett
OCS Engineering Technical Services
Maximo Local Site Administrator
Intel Corporation

Husky International Electronics

"Dr. Bonat has a way of making the most diffucult course material seem easy and logical. I have had the pleasure of being instructed by Dr. Bonat 3 times so far and would gladly have him instruct as many more classes as I ever take at the University of Phoenix. His teaching methods include a practical hands on, one on one experience along with a positive outlook at the inherient problems that can arise in the middle of a classroom with 20 plus laptops.

Dr. Bonat can take any subject and simplify it without losing the intricit details of the subject matter, and he is capable of addressing the highest and lowest complexity of questions without confusing the subject for his students. He can talk to every degree of knowledge a student has, and draw upon the experience level of the student to provide a challenge to learn in his classes. It was a great advantage to be held to going beyond what I already knew about the subject matter, and a great learning experience in evey class"

My thanks Ernest"

Jud Wendel
Information Technology Manager
Husky International Electronics

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Affiliated Computer Services

"I started the DBM/380 class with no experience with databases. The teaching style and methods used by Dr.Bonat were extremely helpful in teaching me a good foundation for database design. Going over each person’s homework in class was invaluable in showing the concepts you were teaching us. Seeing how other students designed their databases was very informative. Seeing errors in other student’s assignments and mine and showing how to fix them was also extremely valuable. I was dreading a database class, thinking it would be tedious and boring. Dr. Bonat made the subject interesting and class enjoyable to attend. The quizzes were also effective at solidifying the concepts you discussed in class. I learned a lot"

Roger Volk
Customer Care Assistant
Affiliated Computer Services

TEL Tokyo Electron

"Ernest has a very practical way of teaching students. He teaches you real world applications and not only shows you how to code but shows you how to find all of the information that you will ever need to advance your skills on your own. Just like the old saying "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

Ernest also creates a very positive and fun learning environment. I actually looked forward to going to his classes and learning more. Ernest was my instructor at University of Phoenix for Advanced VB.NET and SQL Programming for Business. During those courses he taught me enough to create useful business applications that use both technologies. In fact, during and after his class I created an application using VB.NET for the company I work for. It was such a success that my company is submitting it for a US Patent and I am receiving a nice bonus.

I feel fortunate that I had him as an Instructor. Thanks Ernest..."

Tim Wright
Field Service Engineer
TEL Tokyo Electron

Monaco Coach Corporation

"Dr.Ernest Bonat is an outstanding instructor who engages his students fully in the learning process. He invests the right amount of humor, personality and knowledge to make learning fun. Dr. Bonat truly cares that the students walk away from his course with real life tools. In POS405, he taught us how to create a web interface that manages data in a database, and that was just the extra credit! Ernest really knows his subject. This is my second class with Dr. Bonat as an instructor and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from Ernest in more than one class. Thank you Ernest!"

Randy Ellsworth
PDM Architect
Monaco Coach Corporation

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JEI Business Link

"There was a lot to learn for DBM/405 class in a very short period of time, but somehow Ernest managed to teach the most important concepts with out neglecting any major areas. The major concepts were discussed and tough using hands-on methods, as for theory (that was covered as well). I now have a good enough foundation and understanding to go on my own. I can easily apply what I learned in Ernest’s class immediately without any additional work. I was also tough how to debug and research new areas. I strongly recommend this class to anyone interested in SQL Server 2000"

Fadi Adlouni
General Manager
JEI Business Link


"Even though it was the first time that I studied SQL, the class was made interesting and easy to understand by the instructor. Professor Bonat’s teaching style kept all students actively engaged in the learning process. I would recommend this instructor to all students taking DBM/405 class"


Jesus Teran
Senior Engineering Technician
Intel Corporation

United Parcel Service of America

"Ernest is one of the most enjoyable instructors at the University of Phoenix who goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone in his class achieves comprehension of the material and is willing to spend time outside of class to give additional help to those that need it. Ernest is very educated in the industry of Information Technology and uses the technology in the class as all students follow and learn as they see and put into practice the concepts being taught. All in all Ernest was a fun instructor to have who was knowledgeable about the subject and sought for the success of his students in the classroom and in life"

Joseph Lowe
Tech Support Level I Technician
United Parcel Service of America

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US Bank

Dr. Bonat,

"I enjoyed your class thru exciting hands-on experience using Macromedia MX 2004. I was able to design and build my first web site using the tool set following your structured approach guiding me from start to finish. It was fun to learn how to use Dreamweaver as well as Fireworks and Flash MX. I am glad I learned to use the same set of tools used by real professionals in the field. By taking your class I have upgraded my knowledge base with latest skills which will be utilized at my current job. Thank you!"

Steve Lee
Systems Consultant III
Tandem Technical Support
US Bank


"Having had Ernest for 3 consequetive courses, I can attest to the benefits of his hands-on approach to learning new technologies. Reading through countless programming books and papers is useful for reference, but rolling up your sleeves and getting down into the code is the best way to come away with a good understanding, rather than just surface knowledge. Ernest's classes were always entertaining and informative, and his no-nonsense style lends itself well to today's I.T. student."

Thanks Ernest!

Sam Miller
Efishinsea Web Development

Preferred Pharmaceutical Services

"I have been enrolled at the University of Phoenix for 4 years finishing my BSIT degree, and while all of my classes we great I found the 3 classes I took with Ernest as my instructor were the best. The information that Ernest imparted was valuable and fit the “real world”. I now have a greater understanding of databases and web design that will assist me in creating top notch web sites and web applications. The examples that Ernest provided showed me that even someone that is not in the IT field can feel comfortable with the web and web design. Making my job easier to explain what my requirements are to those that design and maintain the systems here at the pharmacy.

If you ever have a chance to have Ernest and your instructor, I highly recommend him as a mentor. As a student we all have choices and having Ernest as an instructor is the best choice any IT student can have"

Thank you Dr. Ernest Bonat for all of the knowledge you have given to me!

Larry Chalew
Community Relations Director
Preferred Pharmaceutical Services

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Integrated Device Technology

"Dr. Bonat,

Here is my last assignment (Number 4), thank you for allowing us extra time to complete the work it was a lifesaver. Also, I want to let you know that I truly enjoyed having you as an instructor / facilitator this go-round. Your teaching style is such, where the learning environment is so relaxed, yet we get so much accomplished in the short five weeks that is allotted. Your class is one of the only ones I look forward to attending and because of that, I retain a majority of the material taught long after the class is over. Thanks for everything and we look forward to seeing you in next class"

George Greene
Engineering Technician II
Integrated Device Technology


"I have had 13 instructors during my time at University of Phoenix. Dr. Ernest Bonat is by far my favorite because of his smile, positive attitude, and easy going personality. I have found that these traits are rare in college professors. He makes it fun during every moment of class. This makes it particularly easy to learn.

I had Advanced Visual Basic and SQL from Dr. Bonat. The Beginner VB class was not taught by Dr. Bonat. I found that he had superior knowledge and experience compared to the beginning VB instructor. In fact, Dr. Bonat reviewed our code from the beginning class and found that we were taught VB6 commands instead of the new VB.NET commands. He then taught us what we should have been taught in the beginning VB class as well as effectively teaching the advanced course material. The material in both SQL and VB were not exactly easy, but Dr. Bonat gave us the background, guidance, and tools necessary to learn and complete the required concepts.

I highly recommend Dr. Ernest Bonat to any and all people. He can teach you! It doesn’t matter how you learn things, you will learn in his classes"

Thanks Ernest!

Paul Bloxham
D1C Factory Automation Support

Intel Corporation


"The POS/410 SQL for Business class was very well presented by Dr. Ernest Bonat, Ph.D. and class documentation support was excellent. I believe the Structured Query Language (SQL) is a very useful for business database systems; this makes database systems more robust and capable of data manipulation and data control in a business application environment. With this database knowledge I learned from POS/410 I’m now able to setup complicated SQL databases using primary keys PK and foreign keys FK constraints, trigger constants, and stored procedures. I would now have no problem designing a business database"

Thanks Ernest!

Mark S. Nadeau
QA Software Validation Engineering
Intel Corporation

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Wells Fargo Bank

"Taking Ernest's POS/405 (Advanced Visual Basic) course through University of Phoenix was an unforgettable experience. He made the class exciting, fun and very interesting which is no small thing. I never thought I would say a class in programming was fun, but I always left his class with a smile on my face and a better understanding of Programming with Visual Basic.NET. Dr. Bonat was very involved with the students and was happy to help anyone that needed it. It was a pleasure taking his class and learning what he had to teach. Thank you for the experience"

Kevin Warren
Collector 3
Wells Fargo Bank


"This has been my fourth class I've taken with Dr. Bonat, and I have to say each and every time, I've gotten a tremendous amount of knowledge from you. Dr Bonat You teaches real world scenarios as well as theory. You making the most difficult course material seem easy and logical. I have had the pleasure of being instructed by Dr. Bonat 4 times so far and would gladly have him instruct as many more classes as I ever take at the University of Phoenix. His teaching methods include practical hands on, one on one experience along with a positive outlook at the inherent problems that can arise in the middle of a classroom with humor and fun.

I personally love taking Dr. Bonat classes; because I can honestly I've really learned a lot about database and .NET. I would personally recommend Dr.Bonat, as an instructor to anyone who really wants to learn how things are done in the real world, and to you Dr.Bonat I say job well done. I don't think I would have been able to do it without you"

PS. Class taken with Dr.Bonat- DBM/405, POS/402, POS410, WEB410

Thank you

Ekule Abebe
Intel FAB20
Intel Corporation

CompuCom Systems

"The method that Dr. Bonat uses to teach his POS/405 class was very clear and concise. He teaches in a way that gets you to the point quickly without a lot of "Blah Blah Blah". This is the first teacher I have taken a Programming Class from at the University of Phoenix that teaches by examples. Lots of Class Activities combined with a small amount of lecture and slides made this class the most enjoyable class I have had at the University of Phoenix. I took so much information from this class that I shared my team project and homework assignments with my upper management. They were very impressed and I plan to use what I have learned to develop an application that will help my peers succeed in every project they tackle"

Jensina Anderson
Call Coordinator for Legacy Health Systems
CompuCom Systems

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"I had four IT core classes with Dr. Bonat. I enjoyed all of them and walked away from each with a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Dr. Bonat delivered knowledge beyond the stated curriculum objectives. His straight-forward approach, focus on the key fundamentals as well as the most-used aspects of the subject matter in the business environment, worked very well for my learning style and professional needs. Dr. Bonat always keeps things lively, which makes for a great learning environment"


Clair Friskey
F20 IS Business Analyst
Intel Corporation


"I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Bonat for two classes at University of Phoenix -- Advanced Visual Basic, and SQL for Business. Dr. Bonat's approach is hands-on, with many good examples and opportunities for students to excel. Dr. Bonat's energy and good humor help make learning even difficult material enjoyable. I would recommend these courses to anyone seeking to broaden their skills in these important IT areas"

James Carroll
Enterprise Operations Manager

Integrated Device Technology

"I found Ernest's class to be both challenging and accomplishable. In the short five week class I learned more than any other class I have had at University of Phoenix. He provided excellent reading and in class examples. He even described real world techniques as compared to classroom techniques. I got the feeling that he customizes every class according to the skill levels of the people in the class. I truly enjoyed the class"

Jason Cubic
Lead Automation Technician
Integrated Device Technology

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Serena Software, Inc.

"After attending the POS 410 (SQL for Business) course taught by Ernest, I have gained valuable knowledge of SQL - a good foundation to build on and fold into my skills. I am an IT professional, having worked in IT for the last 10 years. I appreciate Ernest’s knowledge and experience in SQL and in the IT industry as a whole. It was refreshing to take an undergraduate course where I was able to immediately apply what I learned in the classroom to my job. Of all the classes that I have taken at the University of Phoenix, this class was one of the best by far. The classroom experience was exceptional. Ernest is a rare kind of teacher, one that teaches the student to think for themselves and imparts meaningful knowledge to the student. I really enjoyed his sense of humor and his ability to bring a new perspective to technical subjects.

Thanks again Ernest for a great class!"

Randy Oldfield
Sr. Systems Administrator
Serena Software, Inc.

Oregon Department of Human Services

"I've enjoyed all three of the classes that I have taken from Ernest so far. Ernest tends to keep things light, or rather he intersperses a lot of humor in his classes. But he also manages to get a lot of concepts and practical examples into his classes as well. The assignments are challenging, but not overwhelming. And Ernest works hard at making sure that everyone understands what he is trying to teach. He also takes the time to work one-on-one with people who may be struggling more than others. Ernest typically does not ask a student to do anything that he has not already demonstrated in the classroom. The only problem I had was with the quizzes. There was nothing easy about those! Ernest obviously possesses a wealth of programming and database knowledge. But he breaks it down and makes it easy for the non-programming types to pick it up"

Reginald Liggins
Senior Systems Analyst
Oregon Department of Human Services

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Please, if you are interested in Open Source technology LAMP, you can’t just miss this course!


Dr. Ernest Bonat, Ph.D. participated at Portland's PHP User Group with presentation topic "Executing MySQL Stored Procedures in PHP Web Applications". Download here the entire presentation including slides, PHP source code and MySQL stored procedure scripts. Feel free to contact Dr. Ernest Bonat, Ph.D. for any questions regarding this presentation.


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Visual WWW was hired by Voter Power to develop and host their website. Voter Power's website is pure Open Source Technology LAMP, JavaScript and Joomla as a Content Management System (CMS).


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